On a fully-gridded track, drive to cover the ground with your colour. The team that colours the most boxes pockets the victory! As soon as you have coloured ten successive squares, use your bonuses (boost or missile) against your opponents!

BattleColor is a game in which you ride on a grid of black squares; squares that you have to paint with your colour or that of your team. The object of the game is to have coloured more squares than your opponents at the end of the time limit. Each square can be coloured an infinite number of times, so you can switch back and forth between the colours of your opponents to take points from them.

A bonus is available after ten squares (empty or the opponents) are coloured successively. If you make a mistake and switch back to your own colour, your counter will restart at 0. As a bonus, you will be able to choose between a four-second Turbo (yellow button) or launch a missile (green button) that will explode and stop an opponent for two seconds if they hit it.


Strongly boosts the go-kart. It fades out after a few seconds or when the player is hit by an attack.


Stops the go-kart hit for a few seconds.


To save a few seconds of gameplay when setting up the game, indicate “no” to the “Show Setpoints at the Start of the Round” setting. For this, make sure that you and your friends have seen the video below beforehand.