“With BattleKart, you don’t play the game; you play IN the game!”

BattleKart is the perfect combination of electric karting, video games and augmented reality. A unique cocktail to thrill your senses! Full throttle aboard an electric kart, on a track where different circuits, bonuses and game modes are projected onto the ground, interacting with the scenery and the other players to win the game...

from December 4 to January 7


How would you like to challenge your opponents with
your driving skills and... missiles?
The aim of the game is to complete as many laps as possible in the allotted time. Anything goes!

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Want to paint your opponents?
Give them a run for their colours? In BattleColour mode, you drive on a gridded track, which you have to cover with your team's colour as much as possible within the allotted time.

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Your goal: to be the longest snake when the final gong sounds. To win, drive around the track and collect the coloured balls that appear randomly. But above all, don't touch the edges of the track, or worse, the other snakes, or you'll lose all your hard work...

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It's green, it's nasty, and it adapts and strengthens to each of your attacks. The virus you are about to fight has a single objective: to infect and immobilise you, one by one. But that's not going to happen! -> All against one in this 100% cooperative mode

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The ball may be virtual, but it reacts perfectly to your dribbles and the power of your shots. The winning team is the one that has scored the most goals in the allotted time.

Be quick, and above all strategic, to counter the attacks...

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Fourteen balls, 6 pockets, 2 teams and, perhaps, the winning ball in your sights... In BattlePool mode, the Blue Team and the Pink Team battle it out on the biggest, flashiest pool table you've ever seen!

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Opening hours, rates: choose your location above for more information.
Minimum height to play: 1.45m.