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Electric karts + video games = BattleKart!

BattleKart Liège Verlaine
BattleKart is an indoor electric karting concept, to which augmented reality technology provides an immersive video game environment. In semi-darkness, you drive a kart on the track, whose elements are dynamically video-projected from the ceiling.
Thanks to a patented localisation system and game management by the servers, the karts interact with the projected scenery as well as the other karts. In addition, each player receives various and useful information, in real time, on a screen attached to the kart’s chassis, and uses their bonuses thanks to buttons placed on their steering wheel.
BattleKart is a life-size video game console, an ultra-innovative concept in which technology knows how to stay invisible in order to offer the best experience to the players (up to 12 per track) whether or not they are used to karting and video games.
A leisure activity which, since 2015, has already delighted more than one million players, of all ages, including families, friends or colleagues. A solid concept in terms of technology, market attractiveness, and the profitability of its business model.

A unique concept:
Reliable, cost-effective and future-oriented

Unique, attractive & immersive
Thanks to a technology that knows how to be discreet, offer to your customers a unique, immersive experience. The wow effect is guaranteed, ensuring a very high level of customer satisfaction in the long term.
Easy to deploy and operate
Our concept is virtually plug and play and requires very little technical expertise to install – especially with the support we provide. Only one employee is required to manage the activity – on 1 or even 2 tracks. The high level of automation and the interconnection of systems (reservation, Admin, scoring, etc.) increases efficiency and reduces human intervention: registration, creation of games, calling of players, boarding, game progress, display of scores, replay, etc.
The first years of BattleKart’s growth before opening to franchisees were used to build a stable, solid technical solution (software, hardware) in all circumstances. Our franchisees can testify!
The return on investment is made within a year on average! We offer two types of business models: a permanent complex in a dedicated building, or a semi-permanent facility, operational during the 200 to 300 days a year that the exhibition halls are unoccupied.
The development team is constantly adding features to the software, as well as to the game modes, and aims to bring two new game modes a year. There is no shortage of projects (bar/track interaction, third-party development, specific team-building modes, children, etc.) that will constantly renew the appeal of the concept.

A solid, growing network

From a simple idea to a future engineer’s end-of-study project, and then to a proof of concept, BattleKart opened in Mouscron (Belgium). In 2019, the complex generated €1.7M in turnover. By September 2023, more than one million players had experienced BattleKart in 27 different complexes (7 subsidiaries – 20 franchises), opened successively in 5 European countries and in the Middle East. Numerous projects are underway with a view to opening in the next months…
Mouscron (BE)

Lausanne (Temporary - CH)

Kortrijk (BE)
Bispingen (DE)

Tours (FR)
Marche-en-Famenne (BE)
Antwerpen (BE)
Herentals (BE)
Nantes (FR)
Koeln (DE)

Metz (FR)
Paris-Nord-Villepinte (FR)
Genk (BE)
Trier (DE)
Essen (Temporary - DE)
Aachen (DE)
Amiens (FR)
Wien (AU)
Bruxelles Tour&Taxis (BE)
Bochum (DE)
Verlaine (BE)
Abha (Temporary - AR)
Paris-Sud Massy (FR)
Dissen (DE)
Dankern (DE)
Utrecht (NL)
Jeddah City Walk (Temporary - AR)

Mons (BE)
Coudekerque (FR)
Arcachon (FR)
Dubai (AE)
Melbourne (AU)
Sittingbourne (GB)
Breda (NL)

Family, friends, colleagues :
A diversified target

A diverse B2C target

BattleKart appeals to everyone, from 12 to 70 years old. One of the strengths of the concept is its accessibility, both physical and fun. Thus, from 1.45m and with no age or other limit, you can access the activity and enjoy it. The age groups most represented are those between 14 and 44.
Accessibility is also expressed in the fun aspect of the activity: you don’t need to be a pilot or a pro-gamer to win a game. Groups of friends and families are therefore very well represented, as are participants in birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties…
Another corollary of this accessibility of the game, the lesser physical constraints, the absence of a suit or helmet… compared to traditional karting: the proportion of women who play BattleKart is much higher than in ‘motor sport’ oriented hobbies (more than a third of the players in Mouscron are women).

A B2B target that’s having fun…

BattleKart is also very popular with businesses – with the overall awareness of your complex, and a little canvassing, your turnover could very quickly be 30% corporate events.
With the advantage that these are mostly organised during the week or even during the day, at times when your B2C clientele is not around, or in a smaller proportion than at weekends.
From incentives (staff days, end of year parties…), to results or new product presentations, to team-building sessions, the entertainment offered appeals to all age groups and levels of responsibility within companies. Events for up to 200 participants can easily be hosted on the tracks. The tool even allows you to customise the graphics of the game (bonuses, track design) to the client company brand image.

…or that has fun while working!

Choice of game modes, precise configuration, bonuses, scores calculation, or development of specific game modes: the existing possibilities for customisation and the potential for evolution in team-building are infinite. The current deployment of game modes already offers the possibility of creating games dedicated to measuring the cohesion of a group, the functions (offensive, defensive, collaborative, etc.) of the various individuals within the group, etc.
Another part of the B2B public comes from the hosting of groups of young people (schools, youth centres, holiday camps, organised trips, etc.).

Open a BattleKart franchise?

A suitable

In order accommodate to the activity, the building must contain a minimum space of 24m x 45m (79ft x 148ft) without any posts for the track. However, for an optimal experience, we recommend a track of 30m x 60m (98ft x 197ft). You will need to have control of the land on the desired site, or plan to obtain it within 6 to 12 months.

Own funds and investment capacity

The minimum investment – excluding buildings – for a one-track BattleKart complex is on average €600K (€1.0M for 2 tracks). You must be able to contribute (alone, as a couple, or with a partner) 25% of the investment in equity, with a minimum threshold of €150K.

An entrepreneurial profile

To play and enjoy BattleKart, you just need a child’s soul, not an instruction manual.
In the same way, to manage and grow a BattleKart centre, you just need an entrepreneurial and leadership spirit, not a Master in IT or a mechanic degree. Experience in entrepreneurship or team management is a real plus!

Paying the franchisor

Initial one-off fee : 25.000 eur*
Launch assistance fee : 25.000 eur**
Support fee : 8% of the turnover***
* Due only once per franchisee
** For your first franchise, 12.500 eur for the next ones under certain conditions
*** 8% of the public price per minute of the best- selling session X the number of minutes played

The franchisee's journey


Let’s get to know each other through a short presentation: contact details, motivation letter, brief market study… On our side, we provide a series of information that will allow you to better judge the interest for you to open a BattleKart franchise.

Official application file

After submitting your pre-application file, you will come and test the activity and visit our facilities. The process will then lead you to receive other elements (balance sheets, statistics, procedures, PID Draft, contract…) and to provide us with an official, more detailed application file. This file will prove the soundness and feasibility of your project.

Validation of the application and location

If the analysis of your application is positive, our team will visit the site or building where you wish to set up. As the technical constraints are important, we will be able to judge if your building/location can accommodate the activity.

Validation of the project, letter of intent, PID, contract…

This is the mutual commitment! The letter of intent will be sent to you, as well as the Pre-contractual Information Document (PID), and finally the actual franchise contract. Once these documents have been signed by both parties, we will accompany you during your onboarding process and throughout your activity.

Welcome on board!

Measurements, sketches, layout and equipment plans, ordering equipment (karts, projectors, location sensors, computer equipment, etc.), fitting out the premises, staff recruitment, management, finance, communication, prospecting, computer science, purchasing, technical management of the activity, etc.
We accompany and advise you in all these steps prior to the opening of your BattleKart complex.
A complete training is planned for the manager, the technical manager and the animation manager. Our teams also ensure the configuration and commissioning of all equipment related to the operation of the game…


As a franchisor, we support our managers in all aspects of the operation of their complex.
  • Unrestricted use of software tools, trademarks, patents & copyrights

  • Access to new game modes and seasonal events (Halloween, Christmas…)

  • Access to an e-shop with preferential rates on many spare parts and equipment

  • Technical support (online, e-mails & phone). Emergency technical support (phone)

  • Updates and implementation of new features in the softwares and game modes

  • Hosting, maintenance and security of the various IT systems

  • Constant supply of several communication materials (graphic assets, photos, videos, templates, social network publications, etc.)

  • Training and support (Follow-up meetings, visits, annual convention, etc.)
  • As a business owner, you can count on this support, which will allow you to focus on the essentials: welcoming your customers, managing your employees and growing your business.

    What our franchisees have to say:

    The absolutely amazing concept has been the number 1 argument, as well as the development and evolution perspectives. Being the first franchisee hasn’t been easy everyday, but i’ve seen a constant improvement in every aspects. I remain confident and we have common plans with BattleKart Europe: Opening of a second franchise and third franchise, improvement at BattleKart Tours with the opening of a second track…

    We chose to open a BattleKart because we were in the process of expanding our bowling alley. The technology proposed by BattleKart did not disappoint us during our discovery. We did not have any bug and the game is fluid which is its main advantage considering the number of elements connected together. So we took advantage of the opening of the BattleKart franchise to launch this project.

    I have never experienced and operated an attraction which makes all customers so satisfied like BattleKart does – no matter of age and gender! he enthusiasm of our customers after playing is amazing and gives a lot of positive energy to us to operate and let us enjoy our work! BattleKart’s technique is really well engineered, absolutely approved and has almost no failures at all, an uninterrupted operation is absolutely no problem even if the technique is really on the highest level with a lot of electronic and software. Even modern rollercoaster have more operation interruptions than BattleKart! The investment for a BattleKart-Center is really very low compared to the average turnover and benefit. The low investment and low fees are showing also the fairness of the BattleKart Franchisor! “Do you know, the only thing that can be better than operating a BattleKart-Center? Operating more BattleKart-Centers and help to make this attraction more popular!