BattleKart Koeln

“With BattleKart, you don’t play the game; you play IN the game!”

Opening times and prices

2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
2:00 PM - 10:00 PM
9:00 AM - 12:00 AM
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

BattleKart Koeln

Butzweilerstraße 35-39, Motorworld 4-Takt Hangar,
50829 Köln,

Good to know!

On site we do not offer cash, EC and credit card payment. It is mandatory to book online. Remaining places can also be booked and paid for on site via our online portal, subject to availability (we strongly recommend online booking in advance!).

When booking online, payment is possible by credit card, Giropay, Paypal, Klarna and with our vouchers. Promotion codes on our voucher cards are also redeemable online.

We do not offer food ourselves, but work with catering partners. There are several restaurants within walking distance of Motorworld. If your group is planning a larger event with us, simply contact us by email to discuss further details:

The next stop is “IKEA am Butzweiler Hof” on line 5.

If you arrive by car, use the parking lot P2 of Motorworld and feed your navigation system with “Butzweilerhofallee, Butzweilerstraße 35-39, 50829 Köln”.

At Motorworld, take the entrance between the Maserati and Lamborghini branches and turn left into Hangar IV.

In the Motorworld there are several restaurants where you can eat.

We recommend the V8 Hotel directly in the Motorworld.

Due to major events in the Motorworld, there are days on which we unfortunately can not offer battles. Bookable dates are usually posted online 2 months in advance. For groups, dates outside the opening hours may be bookable on request. Please check in the online booking system when there are bookable slots, these may differ from the chart!

Of course, our Battles are also bookable for groups and companies directly via the online portal. This way you can secure discounts for subsequent slots.

In addition, we have various offers e.g. with our partners (eg Blackfoot Beach) together. Please have a look at their services and round off your Battlekart race with an outdoor experience or Beach BBQ.

In principle, these can also take place outside our regular opening hours. 

1. How does BattleKart actually work?
With us, you drive through virtual worlds in real electric karts. We project various tracks and games onto the hall floor using a large number of projectors mounted on our hall ceiling. Your kart is equipped with sensors and electronics so that the karts react to each other. For example, collect a rocket and ignite it on your steering wheel. If you hit one of your opponents, he/she will be slowed down for a few seconds and you can overtake.
2. Is the kart really driving or am I sitting in front of a screen?
You are not sitting in front of a screen, but the kart is really driving and you actively steer it on our tracks in our almost 2,000 square meter hall. You accelerate, brake and steer. Not to forget: You have to ignite your collected elements such as rockets or turbos on the steering wheel at the right moment.
3. Do I need VR goggles?
No, players do not need VR glasses. The projections of the games and tracks on the hall floor are so strong that VR glasses are not necessary. Your reality is augmented by flying objects, among other things.
4. How many people can drive at the same time?
A maximum of 12 karts can drive at the same time. If your group is larger, we can combine the scores to produce an overall evaluation at the end.
5. What does “exclusive” mean when booking?
Exclusive means that you book all 12 places to drive together if you are a smaller group (under 12 people) or more than 12 people. This means that no one else can book into your slots.
6. Is there a minimum age or size to be allowed to ride?
There is no minimum age. A minimum height of 1.45m is required to be able to safely drive the adult karts.
7. That’s more for children, isn’t it?
Absolutely not! We appeal to a very broad age group. We’ve had 10-year-olds and 75-year-olds driving together and having great fun!
8. Are there double-seater karts so that I can take my child with me?
No, we only have single karts, which is why a minimum height of 1.45 m is required to be able to safely drive a kart alone.
9. How safe are your karts and why don’t I have to wear a helmet?
We have installed an anti-collision system that reacts in such a way that accidents are avoided. That’s why you don’t even need to wear a helmet. Just fasten your seatbelt and off you go!
10. What games are there?
We currently offer five different games: BattleRace with seven different tracks, BattleSnake, BattleColor, BattleFoot and brand new: BattleVirus. You can find the game descriptions and videos on our homepage
11. Can I take shortcuts in BattleRace?
You could take a shortcut, but unfortunately it won’t help. Firstly, you will slow down on the grass outside the track and secondly, your lap will not be scored in full.
12. How long does a game last?
A game slot with us lasts 15 minutes including getting on and off. These 15 minutes can be allocated individually by the first person to book. As a rule, our customers play 3-4 so-called mini-games, each lasting 3-5 minutes per game. This gives you the opportunity to combine different routes and games.
13. Who decides on the game content?
The first person to book a game slot has sovereignty over the game content.
14. Can I come by without booking online?
You can only book online with us. However, this also works until shortly before the start of the game.
15. How much do the games cost per person?
The first game costs €22.00, the second and third games are then cheaper. We also offer children’s prices up to the age of 15. The first game costs €18.00 for a child.
16. How fast do the karts go?
That depends entirely on the game being played. In BattleFoot and BattleRace, the karts have a lot of speed. Especially if you have collected a turbo and ignite it. The sensory impressions you perceive will send you “flying” through our hall.
17. Can we eat something at your place?
We do not offer food ourselves, but we work with catering partners. There are various restaurants within walking distance of Motorworld. If your group is planning a larger event with us, simply contact us by email to discuss further details:
18. Can pregnant women ride with you?
No, for safety reasons this is not permitted.
19. Alcohol/drugs
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited!