With BattleKart,
you don’t play the game; you play IN the game!

BattleKart player firing a missile from their kart with virtual trees in the background

Opening times and prices

Good to know !

On the WEX website, you’ll find a range of accommodation options in the vicinity of the complex.

You can also find Ardennes Étape vacation homes near Marche-en-Famenne. Your WEX BattleKart attraction is just a stone’s throw from the Maison du Tourisme Famenne-Ardenne.

BattleKart WEX welcomes you to a 3,500m² space with the possibility of playing 12 karts simultaneously!

  • Our elevated bar offers spectators a breathtaking view of the games being played on the track below, with free WiFi access.
  • The sanitary facilities are accessible to people with reduced mobility (although access to the track and to the activity itself is not suitable for PRMs).
  • Free parking is available. Please note that this is a private parking lot! When the BattleKart center closes, please do not leave your vehicle in the parking lot, as the WEX automatic barrier closes.